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She is overjoyed about having received a City Artist Corps grant from New York Foundation for the Arts in 2021 for her new screenplay, TO COOK OR NOT TO COOK.  That award, in turn, afforded her a wonderful opportunity to have a public dramatic reading of her screenplay at Ripley Grier studio in Manhattan.


SJ Hannah & Welela Mar Kindred

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Powerful Movie

kmix198729 July 2020

"Dark Seed was by far one of the most powerful movies I've seen. Very true, very real. All the actors did their thing and made the story very believable. Even the soundtrack sounded like it would be amazing."



"Watching the movie Sweet Thang transports you into a world of the street hustle, from selling illegal substances to selling a legal substance. The movie opens up into a black middle class community with great instrumentals greeting you at the beginning. As we are first introduced to the star of the movie Sweet Thang who is played by the very talented Ms. China Colston but even before the camera starts rolling, the audience is told about a new illegal substance with a very familiar name but because of the movie's depiction of a street hustler you are kept wondering as we sometimes hear street narcotics being reported to having familiar over the counter names to avoid attracting the police. You are drawn further into the movie with great curiosity as the main character, Sweet Thang takes you through her neighborhood as she walks by a graffiti depiction of DJ Kool Herc, you know you're in the Bronx. You then quickly discover that she is selling the same substance that killed her mother in the same neighborhood she grew up in." -B. Phillips

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  Success In The Arts  2020 "Our Choice Best Feature Film" award for DARK SEED

 Success In The Arts 2020  "Best Lead Actress in a feature film  award nomination" for

her starring role in DARK SEED

  Success In The Arts 2020  "Best Short Film" award  nomination for


2017 Validate Yourself film festival "Best Feature Film" award


2017 Validate Yourself Film Festival "Best Actor In A Feature Film" award 

for her starring role in DARK SEED

2017 Validate Yourself film festival "Best Director" award nomination

for her directing in DARK SEED

2016 African-American Arts Alliance of Chicago

"Best Feature Film"  Black Excellence award nomination 


She received her acting training in the Stanislavsky method at Eta Creative Arts Foundation under the  teaching of Okoro