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The ticking of her biological clock brings Emon, a hard-driving executive in line for a big promotion, to a decision not shared by her amiable husband Idreese in this intimate drama. A guilty secret buried in her past and an unspoken trauma lurking in his bring on a crisis, as the future of their seemingly perfect marriage hangs in the balance.

Three times award-winning feature film:

2020 Best Feature film

2017 Best Feature film

2017 Best Actress in a Leading Role


2020 Recipient of the S.I.T.A. "Our Choice Best Feature Film" award 


DARK SEED customer testimonies:

Just watched the movie 🎥. Enjoyed the depth of the characters. Black Men and Women need need friends to share their experiences with. It’s good to see positive portrayals of our people as husbands and wives in loving relationships. As a man it is important for us to have male  friends who tell us like it is. We need brothers to be honest with their friends. Forgiveness is so important, since as humans mistakes are inevitable. We must forgive ourselves and others in order to get closure. The mentorship of young men is our opportunity to model manhood. To be a man you need to see a man. Great Movie !--Airborne


"Wow! 100% believable acting, It felt like no one was acting, more like I was a fly on the wall of people's real lives. Additional touches in the film are  Emon's boss looking at his hand after shaking Emon's hand to express her sweaty palms. Using white fade outs and a real spoken word poet perform the DARK SEED poem written by the screenwriter for the wedding anniversary scene.  Furthermore, the camera work was a major contributor which augmented the phenomenal acting. Additionally, the photo stills sequences were timed and impactful."

-- Martial Artist, M. Jacocks

"Dark Seed...that movie is my JAM!" --Entrepreneur/Poet, E. Fowler

"Friends and family. A dear friend of mine has poured her heart and souls into this beautiful, heart wrenching and relationship focused film. I was blown away by her shear talent and openness to reveal the struggles we go through with trying to love, grow and nurture our mates. China Letish Colston, I would purchase this again and again. Congrats to you and your journey sista. You left chicago a determined lil flame and now you a full blown torch for others.
Thank you for taping in to the uncomfortable areas that are hard to discuss yet so needed. People need to know there are ways of over coming trauma but more importantly they are not alone.
Buy this movie, support the arts of young film makers and tell your stories.

Big ups China!!!"-- Furniture designer, Norman Teague  



"OMG!! China your movie DARK SEED is soo good!! It's my second time watching it. Well written story line, acting, makeup and the music was on. I could feel the authenticity in the acting. So many will be able to relate to this story. Wow!! Job well done." -- Singer/Songwriter/Actress, Janelle-J

"I loved DARK SEED and the tenderness and special moments that this couple experienced together. And , as the story evolved and they faced a major challenge in their relationship, you as the writer and director allowed us to see both sides of the issue and see how they worked together to resolve it. That's real Black love. Looking forward to the next movie! "-- Actress, R. Beaman

"DARK SEED was absolutely wonderful and thought-provoking love story, with great acting and musical score"-- Social Worker, J. Walker


"My family and I watched your film DARK SEED and we loved it. We cried." -- Stage Manager, E. Mercer

"Hey China! I was blown away, blown away by DARK SEED. Girl, you are so so so super talented and so beautiful on camera. The chemistry between you and David is like the 'Notebook'. Thank you for sharing with me, there is no doubt you guys are going to win and I will be sending up prayers for it as well "😍 --Actress/Model, S. LaCapra

The premise  and content of DARK SEED is timeless and and most importantly, necessary for those who ponder past choices, that may haunt many. I encourage parents to view it with their sons and daughters. It's a very conscious awakening, compelling and moving film. with vibrations of passion and unconditional love that sadly, we don't see in a lot of African American movies. My children and I are impatiently waiting for empress China Letish Colston to announce her next creation.  Artist change the world (Much Respect Goddess)"

--Psychologist, P. Greer

"I saw your film DARK SEED and it was excellent."
"The acting, story and visuals were good"

--librarian, Eleanor of Macon library

"I really loved your film DARK SEED it was incredible and powerful"

-- Indie Film producer, B. Tucker

"I saw DARK SEED and I loved it.  China L. Colston is a good actor and the film was put together very well... Nice Job"

-- IT Healthcare Consultant,B. Phillips 

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