An overly ambitious talent manager and her egotistical client are at odds over the details of a major contract.



China L. Colston in the lead female role of Penni

Shawn Williams in the lead male role of Derrick

Behind The Camera Village

China L. Colston: Executive Producer Screenwriter

Shawn Williams: Screenwriter

Sheldon McCullough Screenplay contributor In Loving Memory of my spirit big brother 2020

Director Michael Alexis Palmer

Richard Benenge Cinematographer Principal lighting

Kevin Rivera: Assistant Camera

Jameel Karim Editor

David Janai Sound desinger/mixer

Linda Greene of Payit4word Casting

Slate Shanae Christine Harris

Biviana Sanchez Supplemental lighting

Kafele Bandele Film Scorist

Dai is a hip hop emcee out of Chicago. We will be using her song, Electric Get Down.


In loving memory of our beloved background actress Delores aka Mama Dee pictured here on our last film date of 5.19.2019 Transitioned on 1.06.2020

BIG CHOPS short film 2020

Shawn Williams & China L. Colston in the starring roles of Derrick and Penni BIG CHOPS the short film 3.31.2019 shoot

BIG CHOPS film poster 2020

China L. Colston in the leading female role of Penni 3.31.19 shoot

Shawn Williams in the leading male role of Derrick 3.31.19 shoot

Director Michael Alexis Palmer 3.31.2019 shoot

Sound Designer: David Janai 3.31.19 shoot

Cinematographer Richard Benenge on our 3.31.2019 film shoot at Frank's lounge Photo by Biviana Sanchez